President’s Message

Mike-Cook-photo-for-website,-5-14-PSWhat a challenging and fulfilling year 2013 and the first half of 2014 have been for Craine House!

Since our relocation and expansion last fall, we have welcomed 18 new families and have begun the process of finalizing Phase II to provide for  an additional 16 families in early September 2014. This will bring our total resident count to 40 women and an average of 25 children.

With overwhelming support from community leaders, new partners and an expanded board of directors, the proverbial train is on track and running at top speed.  With an expanded staff of very qualified, specialized and resourceful people, Craine House has dramatically improved its capabilities for reporting, training, developing and transforming the lives of the children and women who reside in our “home”.

Pre-school aged child development, with a strong mother-child relationship at its root, is integral to the future sustainability and improvement of society as a whole.  At Craine House, the children participate in development programs that harness these four important pillars: reading, cognitive skills, motor skills and expression.  Without these key elements, no child has the same opportunities, regardless of socio-economic influences.  Carl Sagan wrote “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe”.  Embedded within each child born to Craine House’s mothers, is the potential to become a productive member of society — perhaps a great surgeon, the head of a bank, a teacher of other children, or a generous philanthropist; however, without the tools provided by the educators, advisors, counselors and loving environment, no child would have this equal opportunity.

As a board, we have seen a total transformation of our employees, residents, volunteers and funders.  This transformation has been emotional, and seemingly the expansion and “new life” that has been a result of our growth has created an esprit de corps that is eager and enthusiastic, full of initiative driven by “out of the box”  ideas for improvements. The environment is changing from reticent and secluded to inspired and proud of what is occurring!  Moreover, the word is spreading about the miraculous success of our programs, and our residents are compelled to a competitive spirit to be the next resident to succeed through educational achievement, an opportunity for gainful employment, and success in the battle against addiction.

We are very proud of how far we have come, but we are neither content nor complacent.  Growth, we recognize, comes with potential risks, but also provides opportunity. It comes
with the cooperation, compassion and support of our entire community.  For all you have done to encourage, sustain and support Craine House, we thank you.  For all that lies ahead for each and every family that we serve, we promise our very best efforts in every way possible.

Michael Cook
President, Craine House Board of Directors

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