President’s Message

Welcome to the new Craine House web site. We hope you will find our information to be interesting and inspiring. Craine House is a very special place — a unique example of how justice can be served and how women who may have gotten off to a bad start or made mistakes can have a second chance to rebuild their lives and transform themselves and their families into contributing members of our community.Thanks to the support of individuals, community partners, and funders, Craine House brought 2013, its 35th year, to a successful close and looks forward to the future on a high and hopeful note.

Thirty-five women and their pre-school children resided with us during the past year. The corrections departments and judicial officials encouraged our growth. Our board grew in numbers and determination to undertake new projects, and our supervisory and counseling staff, under the leadership of executive director Suzy Pierce, implemented and maintained the highest level of service and support to each family.

Craine House is one of only six such facilities in the U.S. and the only one in the Midwest. It is a nonprofit work-release facility which provides a court-ordered program offering a chance for women convicted of non-violent felonies to reside with their preschool age children while they serve their sentences and develop vocational, educational, parenting and relationship skills, build their self-esteem and prepare to return to the community able to ensure a better future for themselves and their children

The goals of Craine House are to break the cycles of abuse, poverty and crime. Children of offenders, or those who live in homes with domestic violence, are reportedly as high as 70 % more likely to become perpetrators or victims of domestic violence and much more likely to commit violent crimes. Children of mothers in prison are five times more likely than their peers to end up in prison.

Craine House has attained a 20% recidivism rate — making our community safer and enabling young women who have made poor choices in the past to become responsible parents and more productive members of the community.
Nationally the recidivism rate is about 60%; in Indiana the recidivism rate is about 35%.

Programs and services for the children improve their sense of security and social skills and reduce their risk of substance abuse, behavioral disorders, academic failure, delinquency and violence.

Craine House looks forward to a newer and larger facility in which more women and children can be served and more programs can be offered. We also look forward to more community support and more volunteers. There are many ways in which your skills, time, money and interest can help us.

While we respect the privacy of our residents, we are always happy to respond to questions and to speak to groups about our programs, our services and what you can do to help us meet our needs for community support.

Please contact us at (317) 255-HOPE or

Michael Cook
President, Board of Directors
Craine House

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