Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are integral members of the Craine House Team. Our volunteers provide assistance to staff members and residents in assigned roles. A Craine House volunteer is a person of integrity who understands the Craine House Mission, respects the lives of others regardless of their circumstances and believes in service to others.

We have two types of assigned roles. One role is a special projects role- these are ‘work crew’ types of opportunities that are done on as needed base. Examples include a once month yard work , a painting project, a garden planting, wrapping of holiday gifts, etc. The second type of role is to provide regularly scheduled time on a consistent basis to Craine House. Examples of this are to volunteer once a week for a two to three hour time frame to assist residents in further their education- by tutoring in math, reading, editing papers, etc., or providing childcare while the mother attends a class being provided by Craine House staff, leading a book club or spending a couple of hours teaching residents to knit.

For those interested in being notified about upcoming special projects all we need is your email address. Please forward your interest to Ms. Kim Trippi or call 317-925-2833. As these opportunities come up we will send out an email detailing the date, time and work to be accomplished. We do ask that you please contact us and let us know you are planning to help on the project presented. Additional contact information will be included in the volunteer opportunity email.

For those interested in an on-going opportunity, you will need to complete the volunteer application, obtain two (2) references and get a criminal history background check completed (paid for by volunteer). After the completion of this process you will attend an orientation with a staff member learning more about Craine House.

If you are interested in hearing more about volunteering at Craine House, once a month we hold a Volunteer Information session on the 3rd Sunday of each month (except December) from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. If you would like to attend, you must register with Ms. Kim Trippi – Monday/Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at 317-925-2833 (if after hours please leave your name and contact information). Thank you for considering volunteering at Craine House!

Craine House is currently seeking volunteers for the following positions/projects:

  • Daytime childcare
  • Evening childcare
  • HSE tutors (formerly GED)
  • Special projects
  • Yard Work
  • Painting
  • Holiday projects

For more information about volunteering, please contact us.

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