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Who is eligible to come to Craine House?

Non violent mothers that have been sentenced by the court.  They are women that are pregnant or have children infant to five, also mothers that have older children can qualify if they have a non-violent offense, but the older children CAN NOT reside at Craine House.


How long can the women stay?

The women have to be at Craine House at least 90 days and the women from DOC can stay one year or less, while the women from Marion County can be sentenced at Craine House for an unlimited period of time, this is up to the Judge.


Do the women need to gain employment?

Yes, all of the women sentenced to Craine House are expected to gain employment.


Are there programs offered at Craine House?

Yes, we offer on site programs, i.e., parenting, substance abuse treatment, individual and group counseling, culinary vocational programs, job readiness, HSE programs, faith based programs, support programs, AA, NA, Alanon, and child development programs.


Can the women drive while they are at Craine House?

No, even if she has a drivers license, they are not allowed to drive while they are living at Craine House.


What days can families visit?

Visitation is scheduled Monday-Wednesday by calling 925-2833 and requesting visitation.  Visitation days are Saturday and Sunday 2-4 p.m.  However, each woman submits a list of family members that she wants to visit and the case managers confirm they can visit.  This can initially take up to a week to approve.


How many women can you house at one time?

We are now able to provide housing to more than 40 women including women who are pregnant and mothers with their preschool age children.