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Our New Home

In September of 2013, Craine House moved into their new home. Nine women and their children unpacked their belongings in this newly remodeled home on North Michigan Road. Five years in the planning and the dreams have become a reality.

Within two months after moving to their new home, Craine House grew to 24 families! Seeking to reduce the waiting list for mothers and children qualified for this unique opportunity of an alternative to traditional incarceration, we grew at an amazing rate.

Now, with the needs still so great for women and children in the correctional system, Craine House has decided to continue our expansion and complete the additional rooms planned for Phase II. Phase I remodeling houses 24 families; Phase II will add 16 new rooms. Corrections officials are anxious to make use of our successful program to help reduce the recidivism rate for their non-violent female offenders.

Craine House has achieved a 20% recidivism rate (nationally the recidivism rate is approximately 60%) and at a much less cost over traditional imprisonment. It keeps our communities safer and enables young women who have made poor choices in the past become responsible parents and more productive members of the community. Children of offenders are reportedly as high as 70% more likely to become victims or perpetrators of domestic violence and much more likely to commit violent crime. The goals of Craine House are to break these cycles of abuse, poverty and crime.

Craine House looks forward to growing AGAIN so more women and children can be served and more programs can be offered. There are many ways in which your skills, time, interest and financial support can help us.  For more information, click on the DONATE tab of this website.

Thank You!

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