Craine House provides evidence-based programs that allow residents to learn skills, understand self at a level never before explored and opportunities to practice learning’s both inside Craine House with staff and other residents and in the community as they work, attend school and go about the business of daily living. Each resident completes an individual service plan to outline the needs and goals to achieve while at Craine House. Our programs are a combination of services provided by Craine House staff and community partners. To reduce barriers for our clients such as child care and transportation we provide services at Craine House.

HSE (formerly GED) and Job Readiness
In the workforce education is an asset that sets applicants apart. For that reason all residents who do not have a High School diploma are expected to attend HSE (formerly GED) classes and to work with volunteers to prepare for test taking while at Craine House. When residents arrive, they begin job readiness classes to allow them the opportunity to develop a resume, practice interviewing skills and begin job searching. Our computer lab offers internet services for pre and post employment needs such as applying on line, completing hiring paperwork, orientation modules, obtaining weekly work schedules and payroll information. Craine House also provides an in-house opportunity to achieve a ServSafe Certification with our certified ServSafe Instructor and Registered ServSafe Examination Proctor. Through our culinary services and programs woman can learn at both the family and commercial level about food planning, preparation, nutritional value and food safety.

Substance Abuse Treatment
Through a partnership with Modern Day Therapy, Craine House offers onsite Substance Abuse services. Groups are available four times per week during morning and evening hours. The curriculum is based on the work of Stephanie Covington PhD particularly her “Helping Women Recover” and “The Woman’s Way Through the 12 Steps. Also provided by Modern Day Therapy is a weekly Y12SR (The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery) group. Yoga and its practices teach the fine art of balancing our multidimensional lives while living in a complex world. The 12-step program approaches addiction at a cognitive level, yoga includes a somatic approach. The combining of the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental and spiritual disease that it is.

Family Preservation
The generational focus at Craine House is paramount. Many of our residents come from families and neighborhoods that reflect limited education, addiction and mental health issues, single parent homes and poverty. Craine House offers individual and family counseling, parenting and self-esteem groups to empower women to break this cycle and provide new hope and opportunity.

Childcare / Children’s Programming
Craine House offers a skilled childcare educator to facilitate developmental activities for the children while their mothers are in onsite programming. Craine House also partners with Arts for Learning through a grant provided by the Pacers Foundation with programs like Learning Syllables Through Drumming. Craine House will also be planting family vegetable and flower gardens to learn about how our food is grown and the nutritional value that can come with gardening.

Life Skills
Life skills are what get us through our days. The residents of Craine House utilize daily chores, intensive one-on-one case management and workshops to learn accountability, communication skills, financial literacy, organization, time management and responsibility.

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