Mother and children

Success Stories

This is Craine House and it’s a very special place. The women who live there know that and feel very lucky.

“I spent almost a year serving my sentence at Craine House. My children were able to stay with me. When I was released, it was a happy and a sad day because I felt secure and safe and I learned so much about being a good mother and taking responsibility for myself and my kids. But I also was ready to prove to myself that I could be a good member of the community and bring up my kids in a happy, healthy environment. Thanks to Craine House, I have a job that I like. I think a lot about how lucky I was to have the opportunity for a second chance for myself and for a better life for myself and my kids.”
- Craine House resident

“The counselors at Craine House helped me realize I wasn’t a bad person – I just made some bad choices and chose some bad friends to hang out with. I learned that I didn’t need drugs and alcohol to make me feel good. Now I feel proud that I have a job and my kids have a real mom to love them.”
- Craine House resident

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